You can find five different places in Leeuwarden to study, search for information, conduct research, discuss coursework, or just borrow books. The libraries of Van Hall Larenstein University of Applied Sciences, NHL Stenden University of Applied Sciences, dbieb and Tresoar are working together to serve you as a student as much as possible. On this website you can see where and when you can go, and what each library has to offer you.

As a student of one of these colleges, or as a member of Tresoar, you are able to borrow books for free from all of these libraries, with the exception of the dbieb. Search the collections of dbieb, Tresoar, NHL Stenden or Van Hall Larenstein to find titles of books and journals, videos and other materials. You will have to provide evidence of your student status, so do please bring along your student or membership card as proof. As a student, you can also become a member of the dbieb at a reduced fee. If you have borrowed books, you will have to return these to the library you borrowed them from.

City map of Leeuwarden with library locations


Studying, flexible working, or just for consulting with your study group, dbieb is the place for you! You can bring your own laptop, tablet, or telephone and you can log in for free on our network, or you can just use a computer at dbieb. Printing, copying, and scanning services are all available as well.

In dbieb you can work in an informal setting, either amongst the books, or at one of the many work and study spaces available. Do you fancy more quiet surroundings? Then choose one of the silent study spaces.

Also good to know: should you need a place to hold a meeting with a group, rooms are available via dbieb (at a favourable rate!). If you would like to be certain that there is a room available, please feel free to make a reservation. And when you are in need of a break, you can get delicious coffee, fruit juices, lunch or dinner at Café de Bak.

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Welcome to the study hall of Tresoar! Tresoar offers a reading room for silent study, collaborative work spaces for group projects, and 200 work spaces – both with or without computers: all of Tresoar’s facilities are there to make individual study or group work a little more enjoyable. We also offer access to a diverse range of information sources, in both physical and digital formats (books, journals, databases), CDs, and DVDs.

Tresoar also offers an Interlibrary Loan service (ILL) to request books and other materials from other libraries – even from abroad. And there is free Wi-Fi! If you feel like popping outside for some fresh air, the Prinsentuin and city centre are right on our doorstep. Tresoar is also open five evenings a week until 10 pm!

University of Groningen / Campus Fryslân

Tresoar has been given an extra function since the beginning of 2018, namely pick-up location of the University of Groningen Library. This means that students and lecturers of the University of Groningen can collect and return books from the UL at Tresoar.

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NHL Stenden University of Applied Sciences

The libraries of NHL Stenden University of Applied Sciences offer a friendly, inspirational research and study environment that is also a meeting place for both students and staff. In addition to the two library buildings with a comprehensive collection and services, the library offers a balanced collection that is accessible 24/7. Here you will find e-books, newspapers, e-journals, theses and audiovisual material, among other things.

We also offer students and staff support in a variety of areas: from searching for and finding information, writing a report or your thesis, to accurately citing your sources or requesting an ISBN number. Your librarians are always happy to help!

It goes without saying that the library provides free Wi-Fi and loads of places to sit and study – with or without a pc – or whether you want to study in silence or work in a group. Both libraries are located very close to places where you can buy something to eat and drink; there are several coffee bars and the canteen is close by – so after your tasty lunch you can resume studying!

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Van Hall Larenstein University of Applied Sciences

Van Hall Larenstein offers an extensive library, which is used intensively as a meeting place, study space, lounge room, and as a place to meet and discuss group work. The library also offers students the opportunity to work individually or in a group. There are also places for students who wish to use the internet for a short while.

Van Hall Larenstein is a green university of applied sciences and the collection is tailored to the two domains of education provided by Van Hall Larenstein: Delta Areas & Resources and Food & Dairy. The library collection is included in Greeni, the website of the collaborating libraries of green universities of applied sciences. In Greeni you will also find selected internet sources, databases and digital journals.

Students can get support for using the library at the service desk. The library is situated on the ground floor, next to the main entrance.

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